Session packages do include Travel Charges for less than 40 miles (see below).  
Also note that we do offer a Referral Discount.  To learn more, you can go here.




Single Session


If you are a bit unsure and/or skeptical and want to see what it's all about, or you just want to call in as-needed.


$135 for first session; $110 for each follow-up session

Initial Three Session Package


Best for the horse and/or owner who is new to bodywork, but is committed to making the shift into ease and flow.  These sessions work best scheduled weekly for 3 consecutive weeks.



      (includes $135 for initial session and $110 for each of the 2 following sessions)

relaxed free and eased horses
Follow-up Multiple Session Packages


You want to assure that your horse has priority on the schedule for his/her special and regular bodywork day!


3 SESSIONS for $330 ($110/session)

6 SESSIONS for $600 ($100/session)

12 SESSIONS for $1,080 ($90/session)

Competition Session 

(Existing clients only)


You are at the competition or preparing to compete and want to be sure your horse maintains his/her competitive edge!  Recommended the day prior to your event and/or at least 2 hours post-work/event. Contact us for more info.



MULTIPLE PARTIAL SESSIONS FOR MULTIPLE DAY EVENT $75/SESSION     + Travel Rate (per day if more than 1-day competition)


Travel Rate (can be split)

More than 40 miles = $1/mile